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Celebrity Cruise | Limited Time Cruise Offers to Europe & the Caribbean | Cruise with Bruce Oliver

Celebrity Cruises® is trademarked by a passionate dedication to providing guests with a cruise embodying modern luxury. From spacious, stylish interiors to personalized service, the array of offerings is unmatched. LIMITED TIME SPECIAL!

Oceania Marina cruise ship tour | Oceania Marina – NYC port | Cruise with Bruce Oliver

Take a quick look at the Oceania Maria Cruise Ship while in the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. See Oceania’s Horizons Lounge, Sun Deck & pool, Specialty Restaurants like Tuscana & Jacques, Canyon Ranch Spa, etc.

Luxor Egypt Sun, Temples & Carriages | Carriage Ride Through Luxor | Cruise with Bruce Oliver

It was less than an hour before witnessing a spectacular sunset over the Nile River in Luxor Egypt. Our group disembarked the Nile cruise line and eagerly awaited the carriage ride that we requested. We had just enjoyed tea at high noon after spending the day visiting Egypt’s famed dusty temples in Luxor. Both temples are familiar to a tourist visiting the region on the banks of the Nile.

Bruce Oliver, Luxury Cruise Adviser | CLIA ACC Destination Earned | Cruise with Bruce Enterprises

May, 2014 – Bruce Oliver of Cruise with Bruce Enterprises (Independent Contractor with Palm Coast Travel) has been designated as a Cruise Lines Industry Association (CLIA) Cruise Counselor after recently completing the organization’s Certification requirements.

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